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Pure, unadulterated sass with a passion for challenging the status quo, Britt has a type of refined defiance that is undeniably unique to her, and her alone. Lyrically provocative, her music reveals a contemporary songstress with a cool confidence and a voice that feels like a much needed breath of fresh air. 


Influenced by the likes of Gwen Stefani and the garage band scene while growing up in Orange County, CA, singing and touring with an award-winning a cappella group, moving to Nashville on her own to create her first solo project and now in Los Angeles - Britt makes genres feel like a thing of the past.


From Britt’s vulnerable single “NOTICE ME” exposing her personal experiences in the music industry, to her adrenaline-loaded anthem “Red Hot” and her first splash on the scene with “Another wanna be” - britt’s sound is an effervescent pop that flirts with the outlaws of nashville. Her songs playfully toy with counter culture, combining fearlessly honest vocals with bulletproof big chorus hooks, letting you know that if there are rules - she’s indifferent to them. she plays by her own.

Britt’s music is in the hit TV series Modern Family, her voice featured in Mattel’s rockstar Barbie™dolls and animated films around the world, her song Another Wanna Be pre-loaded into over 8 million Sony music players, her writing published on the Huffington Post, and she’s sold thousands of singles, independently. Britt is a true singer, songwriter And producer - a feisty, fiery spirit and a force to be reckoned with.